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02 TrailBlazer LS 4WD 104k miles WASHINGTON Contact Seller
Views Date Posted
431 Thu August 22, 2019
Asking Price Condition
$4,499.00 Excellent




Description: There comes a time in every TB's life where she (yes, she) knows, it's time to move on because your owner is getting too domesticated. My TB and I had this moment recently, and she's looking for a new partner in crime. If she had a tinder profile, it would crash the app because this beast is loaded for her age, and by age I mean this wine only gets better.

I am the second owner, but the first was my grandma, so it's safe to say I know everything about this gem (except for a two week period, but we'll get to that after talking about her better days).

Incredible 4WD and handling in the snow, mountains and back-country, etc. Eat your heart out Subaru.

Lowest Mileage Trailblazer on the Market w/ only 104,504 on the odometer.

PREMIUM SOUND: 4x100w to every door (Alpine speakers); 600w to 10in sub; Pioneer full LCD display w/ DVD player; amps tucked away in secret compartment; bangs like a 16yr old streetracer on command, sings like an angel when you need her to.

Air Conditioning purrs like a champ.

2WD, 4WD, 4W HI and 4W LO, this baby has OPTIONS (transfer case control module replaced 2015).

LIKE NEW, Sept. 2018 All Terrain BF Goodrich Tires ($800 value).

NEW BRAKE PADS (all four Feb. 2019).

ORIGINAL MANUAL... cause that shows dedication and pride.

EVERYTHING WORKS ON THIS VEHICLE. No, yeah she's purdy but my rear windshield wiper quit; No, yeah I can take this thing up any mountain but on the sand she's garbage; NO, she's purdy on the outside but my left arm for some A/C! Nothing is wrong with this car. Everything works.

Driver History: My grandfather bought this for my grandmother once she was the only one driving at Burien Chevrolet in 2002. They drove it to Arizona and back once a year for a few years, and then it stayed around town, to the golf course and back. She had a few bumper incidents in 2003 and 2005, really the result of frustration with her small garage space.

I got it in 2013-ish, w/ 65k miles, and have driven it ever since. I've never had a long commute to work, mostly I've driven TB around town, to the mountains and other local roadtrips--out of state a few times.

----Okay, I left the keys to my house in the knob and she was stolen in July 2014. She was found roughly two weeks later in the possession of a questionable character. She only made it from Queen Anne to Ballard. I took it to Burien Chevrolet because insurance was paying for everything and when I got her back she was like BRAND NEW. They even steam cleaned the engine bay, changed the oil, checked the tranny and replaced some stuff that grandma might have broken.

Ever since, I have continued to love this car and take care of it on my own. There is a FORUM for owners, trailvoy . com (for GMC Envoys and Chev TrailBlazers), where I type in what's going on with the car and I get back (1) a diagnosis (2) links to the best parts and (3) a video showing me how to fix it. All told I've done 90% of the work on this car myself with minimal tools and the supervision of a mechanic godfather. I'm a lawyer, not a mechanic, and this isn't rocket-science, it's paint-by-numbers.

My Work: Fan Clutch (2015), Transfer Case Control Module (2016), Blower Motor Resistor (May 2019), Brake Pads and Clean Discs (Feb. 2019), All Six Ignition Coils and Spark Plugs (Jul. 2019).

I had no idea what most of these things were until trailvoy told me I had to replace them. They were all under $200 fixes. This is a great car for anyone who wants a quality, low-maintenance ride, that's easy to fix when necessary and will last another 100k miles. Plus, she's got a few perks in the tires and sound that will make ski/snow and hiking trips extra fun and memorable.

Let's talk business. TB is ready.

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Keywords: Snowboarding Chevrolet truck mountain trailblazer Chevy snow SUV family
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